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15 min. Chirurgy -  Felipe Layton's tecnique

To remove a hump from the bridge of the nose or to improve breathing it is advisable to carry out a traditional rhinoplasty. On the other hand when having to close the dorsum and render it fine, I perform a less traumatic and personal technique, in other words I shape the bone with my hands, thus avoiding internal packing, cast and visible ecchymosis . The cast over the nose is no longer necessary but small strips of plaster are applied for 3 to 4 days

rhinoplasty rhinoplasty rhinoplasty rhinoplasty
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In these cases the patient may massage the nose and so reduce swelling. To avoid post-operative internal packing I cauterize the arteries and veins around the incisions enabling the patient to breathe normally. 
For those patients of over 40 whose tip tends to drop, it is suffiecient to performa a "Rino-Tip" or to reposition the tip of the nose to give the patient a youthfull look. The operation is performed in 15 minutes and is painless.



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