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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Is liposculpture dangerous? 30 years after having invented this technique together with the millions of satisfied patients and surgeons over the world I can affirm that liposculture is universally considered by the medical class a safe operation. Liposculpture is an extremely popular procedure, but unfortunately numerous surgeons perform the procedure without taking into consideration the fact that even if the incisions are small it does not signify that the operation is of little importance. This is untrue, in proportion to the number of areas treated this is a major operation.
What are the best physical conditions to obtain a good result? The patient must have a satisfactory muscular tone, acceptable skin elasticity and must not have dieted too frequently. To fatten and loose weight frequently reduces the skin elasticity. 
Lastly, the patient must have reasonable expectations, not expect the surgeon to perform miracles after having previously carried out numerous treatments and diets.
Is it true that the ideal age for Liposculpture is between 20 to 40 years of age? For liposculpture the age must be biological not anagraphical. Adolescents may undergo liposculpture, and in no case is dangerous, but it is essential they be completely developped. In certain cases this can also avoid anorexia, as it removes those small deposits of fat. A patient of 60 years of age with a descreet muscular tone may undergo liposculpture, but one must always remember that each age group obtains a determined form of result.
If a patient fails to mention all its illnesses and health problems how can a surgeon determine them? One must consider liposculpture a surgical intervention, therefore a complete pre-operative check-up is essential, so that the surgeon can determine any previous problems or illness.


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